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Hey there! I’m so glad you found this space!

I’m guessing you are here because your curiosity has gotten the best of you! What are these essential oils I keep hearing about? Where do I start? You are in the right place! Cozy up and explore my site to learn more about how dōTERRA essential oils will fit in your life. Or if you're ready to jump in let me guide you into taking the first step towards adding empowerment into your life. Side benefits include- feeling better, having more energy, yelling at your kids less, and much more!

Feeling like this new lifestyle is overwhelming? That is where I come in- I’ve been there! My oil journey began when I was terribly sick and I had to go the ER. Having experienced first hand the effects of feeling scared of my health deteriorating, my heart yearned for something to help keep me and my family feeling our best. Now, oils are the first thing I reach for when a health concern arises and it’s become my passion to teach others how they can utilize these plant tools to feel their best. So when you get started with me you will gain access to a TON of education and resources that will teach you exactly how to put these tools to work in your life both safely and effectively.

Join me in elevating your health and wellness!

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Simple, non toxic and effective Oven Cleaner.

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Entertain your kids while they stay at home by turning play time into learning time by making aromatherapy play dough!


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Join us for a free educational class to learn what essential oils are, how they effect your bodies, and how to incorporate them into your life!